Low Cost Therapy – NEST

Nurturing, Evidence-based, Supportive Therapy

TOC believes in inclusivity and access for all when it comes to quality therapy, whether as a client or clinician in training requiring a placement. TOC launched the NEST training programme in January 2023.

Trainees (Psychologists, Counsellors and Art therapists) can see child and adult clients at a lower rate, offering psychological help to those who might otherwise not be able to access it and those happy to see a trainee.

All trainees are supervised by experienced clinicians. Trainees will be assigned cases depending on your preferences and their level of experience.

Sessions can be in-person or online.

Fees are SGD50 for working adults.

We operate on a triaging system. Clients may be self-referred or directed by relatives or external professionals.
At point of contact, please let Diana/Janice know

  • Client’s background (age, gender etc.)
  • Client’s presenting concerns
  • If finance is a concern

Diana/Janice will liaise with our supervisors to
recommend a trainee who will best fit the client.

Mental health awareness has increased over the past couple of years. As more people reach out for support, it is important that they receive ethically sound, good quality therapy support. At The Other Clinic, want to be sustainable and support the psychological and counselling community in our practice. To this end, we link with university programmes across the country to offer placements to clinicians in training locally. Trainee cohorts have access to group supervision where they learn about the psychology application.





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