About Us

What’s in a name?

The Other Clinic was started by Dr Ronina (Nina) Stevens, a UK-trained clinical psychologist and member of the Singapore Psychological Society with 19 years NHS experience working with adults, children and adolescents, and 5 years working in private practice in Singapore. Her commitment to reducing stigma in mental healthcare brings her to create The Other Clinic, a place where you can nurture your mental wellness. In Asia, physical health is well catered for and understood as important but there is a growing need for the ‘other clinic’- one that supports our mental health. People are ‘othered’ by society for their mental health, their neurodiversity, and their sexuality.

At The Other Clinic, we are non-judgemental, open and friendly. We are a team of trained counsellors and psychologists dedicated to providing an evidence-based, international approach to mental health with you at the centre. We work closely with schools, psychiatrists, GPs, and other allied health professionals. We cater to everyone: children, teenagers and adults from all backgrounds. We aim to hear your needs and provide personalised treatment as your mental wellness journey is unique and, so should your care. We offer online therapy, if you prefer it.

About our sunbird

The national bird of Singapore and also present in other parts of South East Asia, sunbirds are known to be good communicators and are unusually sociable birds. They are symbols of healing, change and hope. The story goes that, in ancient times, the sunbird gave warmth and light to humankind. It was believed that the sunbird carried the sun on its back, flying up and down daily, and maintaining a symbiotic relationship with its environment.

About our building

Our beautiful historic house is located in vibrant Geylang, alongside businesses, shophouses, restaurants and food stalls. Our clinic is designed to give you an experience of being thought about, in order for you to make the most of your session. We have consciously created the clinic to have a relaxing, non-medical atmosphere. It has areas for different age groups.

About our dog (Rest in Peace)

An Chuan

You may have noticed An Chuan (安 全) around the building. He lived here all his life and couldn’t be homed in a HDB flat. The members of the local community asked The Other Clinic whether we would keep him. He was 10 years old and not an easy guy to rehome. We had gated a sheltered area for him to live in during the day. At night he was free to roam. He had two local “aunties” both called Jenny who feed and played with him every day. He will be missed.

About our low-cost therapy

We offer psychological help to those who might not be able to access it. If you are open to being seen by someone in training, supervised by an experienced clinical psychologist, please let us know.