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Investment in your people’s mental health is an investment in your organisation’s success.

Tailor Made

At TOC we work with you to create the service you need. This can be a comprehensive mental health and wellbeing programme, a pay as you go option, allocated clinicians for your business, a 24/7 support service, talks and workshops, a crisis response service, or support with organisational change. We don’t believe in one size fits all. We are committed to providing quality that works for the Asia context.

1 in 3 employees are experiencing burnout in Asia, higher than the global norm of 1 in 4 (McKinsey, 2022)

$5.6 ROI for every $1 spent on mental health care in the workplace (Deloitte, 2022)

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Why Invest?

Organisations are waking up to the importance of both promoting mental wellness (prevention) and actually addressing mental health concerns for their people. Just as we all have physical health, we all have mental health.

Prioritizing mental health protects your work culture and reputation by reducing ‘absenteeism’ (which costs on so many levels). Perhaps more significant for us in Asia is the cost of ‘presenteeism’ which shows itself in disengaged, unproductive, lower quality work, decreased creativity, leading to reduced motivation. Mental health issues can lead interpersonal conflicts and decreased morale. We know those struggling with their mental health might be irritable , inconsistent, sensitive or withdrawn, which impacts on their lives and their team. Environments that don’t support wellbeing can often see high staff turn over.

Research has demonstrated that companies who invest in mental health and work toward creating a psychologically safe workplace attract and keep talent, they boost employee engagement, see higher productivity, improved job satisfaction, and increased sustainability. In 2023 we all want to work in a healthy, happy and productive environment driven by purpose.

Change the lives of your people you change the value of your business.

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What is different about TOC?

Our service unlike most EAPs is clinician owned and lead. Our providers are our employees, they are vetted, well qualified, supervised and accountable. They are registered with professionals bodies and are intelligent and diverse. TOC has a proven track record in the field of private mental health. The account mangers are clinicians not sales people. Our service isn’t faceless or operating from a different context its Asia based and has experience of working with multi-nationals.

We aren’t the cheapest option, we aren’t offering a tick box service, instead we want to tailor a service for your organisations needs. Our provision has depth and breadth in terms of skill. At the heart of what we offer is simple effective interventions.

For those based in Singapore we have the benefit of a large beautiful clinic, although we offer online for those that prefer, many people benefit from face to face particularly in mental health crisis. We are open to onsite counselling too. This allows your employees a choice that suits their lifestyle and need.

We don’t dumb down and offer lots of generic content or technical platforms. We prefer to offer resources tailored to the individual or your organisations unique need. We are experienced using brief models. We work with you to identify what’s working well and if there are areas of development or gaps when it comes to your organisations wellness journey. We are flexible we are happy to pilot things and not tie you to committing for a year. We offer introductions and ongoing engagement with organisations to normalise and de-stigmatise access, we want to increase proactive prevention. We care that we make an impact. We have strong partnerships in Asia with other health providers.

We can offer end-to end care from prevention, to treatment and psychiatric crisis.

Workshops and talks

Engaging in talks and workshops either in-person or online can build a shared foundation for a psychologically safe and productive workplace.

We can cater to large or small groups. The topics are wide ranging related to wellbeing/ mental health or change. We can design a talk around your organisations needs. This could be a lunch time event or a whole day training workshop.

Topics range from dealing with depression, stress management, mindfulness, workplace change or transformation, parenting issues…

We can train Peers to be Mental Health advocates, identifying Mental Health concerns and offering support and signposting.

To request a talk or workshop please get in touch.

Individual Counselling

Qualified and Professional

  • Large team of certified counsellors, clinical psychologists, art psychotherapists, occupational therapist

Evidence-Based Practice

  • Evidence-based approach to therapy
  • Committed to ongoing training and development

Cultural Diversity

  • Clinicians from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Offering services in multiple languages

LGBTQ+ Affirming

  • Supportive of the LGBTQ+ community

We support diversity and inclusion

  • We are experienced in working with neuro-divergence and disability
  • Friendly and de-stigmatising

What might counselling be like?

You will be asked about the issue you want to work on

Together you will set goals you hope to achieve through the sessions

History and background understanding to the issues may be explored

After this first stage, you will be offered a brief problem solving, skills enhancing approach to address the issues which will involve you trying things outside of the sessions

If you have a very severe psychological condition or distress you would be helped to access the next level of care

Critical Incident Response

Unexpected events can occur that impact our workplace and distress us personally. Out team are trained by NOVA. We can assist individuals or groups with incidents like;

  • A death of an employee or student
  • Acts of violence related to the workplace
  • Natural disasters
  • Work place accidents

We offer on and off site support. We have clinicians who speak different languages and we have experience of using interpreters.

Let us support you with the overwhelming things life brings.

Read more about NOVA

Responsive Support 24/7/365

Support is a phone call away

We operate a 24/7/365 day confidential phone counselling support service

We can support here and now with a personal crisis

We can find the right clinician for you

Our support line staff are employees; they are not based in a call centre. They work with the team here in Singapore. They have been trained in psychological first aid, counselling skills and risk assessment. They are here for employees who are in distress but also know the team well for quick thoughtful sign-posting to the the right clinician from call to booking.

General Information Service

We can help with a range of queries from employees by using our trusted partnerships. We signpost for the following;

Legal information: for example consumer issues, tenancy problems, information regarding divorce/separation
Family information: regarding children’s school systems, care care or elder care services
Financial information: regarding tax queries , managing debts or budgeting

Executive Leadership Coaching

All of our counsellors can take a coaching stance working to help employees meet their goals using CBT and solution focused approaches. We have a specialist Execute Leadership Coaching on offer. Executive Leadership coaching is partnering with clients in an ethical thought provoking and creative process to enable them to maximise both their personal and professional potential. The process aims to tap clients imagination, productivity and leadership. Benefits include improved leaders self awareness, resilience, collaboration with teams, communication, self efficacy and improved mental health and work life balance.

Lisa Oake is a qualified counsellor and a coach certified by the International Coaching Federation, this is the gold standard for professional coaching training. She is certified to use The leadership Circle the most comprehensive assessment tool for impact of change and growth. It uses 360° assessment and is the only tool that measures creative and reactive competencies.

Read more about the International Coaching Federation

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HR and Managers Support

We can work with you to develop a wellness positive culture. We can help you promote mental health and wellbeing to employees.

Managers face many issues; change and restructuring, conflict, being the bearer of hard to hear news, having a duty of care for their employees, identifying mental health concerns.

We can help you:

  • Shape your managerial style to support wellness.
  • Help you cope with the emotional impact of the role.
  • Explore the options you have to manage issues.
  • Prepare for likely behaviours.
  • We can support you in signposting , exploring the issues behind poor performance or support people on re-entry or exit from the company.

Local partners

We partner with other services to enhance our wellbeing offerings. for example we have a partnership with UFIT who can offer a range of health prevention and support services.

We have a well developed on the ground relationship with GP’s, psychiatrists, allied health professionals and local hospitals. This eases the navigation for employees to access wellness more holistically and at times of mental health need.

We have relationships with specialist trainers e.g. Media training

Employee Analytics.

We can provide anonymised corporate data and extract common themes or challenges that your employees are facing. We can survey or create mental wellbeing analytics for your staff to monitor wellbeing. We can collect anonymous wellness outcome data and satisfaction surveys regarding our service.

Confidentiality and PDAP

We work to uphold employee confidentiality. Our service is compliant with PDPA; the Personal Data Protection Act.