Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a form of psychological counselling which aims to improve the communication and potential conflict arising in families. Often an individual’s challenges are connected to interaction patterns within their family. Engaging in family therapy can help the individual and the dynamics within the family as a whole.

This process involves exploring patterns of interaction in families, including strengths – what’s going well, and challenges – what family members hope will look different in family life.  We consider communication patterns; cultural influences on family life; significant events, including illness or trauma, that may have occurred within families.  We also explore life-cycle transitions, such as adolescence, parenting emerging adults, empty nest, adult children forming their own families, and how families manage these times of change.  Family Therapy can support families who experience restructuring such as separation, re-marriage or new partners, step-parenting, multicultural families, job changes, and families residing in different geographic locations. 

Family Therapy involves different combinations of family members – some sessions attended by the whole family and other sessions attended by parents only, siblings, or parents and children, even extended family members who live in a different geographic location.  

Kim Fisel and Lainie Dropkin are some of our clinicians who can help

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