Everyone experiences some kind of loss at some point in their life. These losses include the loss of a loved one, loss of a job or a relationship. There is no right way to grieve over loss. It can cause a multitude of feelings and impact people in different ways.

Here are some common symptoms of loss: 

  • Shock and numbness 
  • Overwhelming sadness resulting in lots of crying 
  • Tiredness or exhaustion 
  • Anger 
  • Guilt 

Experiencing a period of loss can be a very distressing time. Sometimes intense feelings of guilt, anger or relief can be difficult to manage. Your feelings may feel chaotic and out of control, but over time, these feelings will become less intense. 

Research has shown that there are generally 4 stages of bereavement or grief. You may not move smoothly from one stage to the next: 

  1. Accepting that your loss is real
  2. Experiencing the pain of grief
  3. Adjusting to life post-loss 
  4. Find something new to invest your emotional energy on.

Seeing a clinician such as Bjørg Plougmand may help you work through these stages and the huge emotions you may be feeling during your period of loss.

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