Adult Assessments

Adult Assessments can be useful in identifying if an individual has a developmental (ADHD or ASD), personality, learning, or mental health condition. Alternatively, adult assessment could function as a re-evaluation to estimate the progress or effectiveness of therapy. Adult assessments are usually conducted on individuals above the age of 18 years old. These assessments can be beneficial in providing an explanation for the individuals’ unique behaviour and needs. This allows your primary psychologist to formulate a personalised treatment plan or even assess the effectiveness of the current treatment method. 

The assessment process will begin with an intake interview that will include questions dating back to your childhood so as to obtain a comprehensive picture of your development. It is understandable that you may not remember specific details about your childhood hence it might be necessary for the clinician to have access to your school records or to speak to an adult who was in close contact with you during your childhood. Following this, the psychologist will administer standardised, internationally recognised assessment tools. Afterthe assessment, a report will be provided with a diagnosis if relevant as well as recommendations to help.