Occupational Therapy

For children, simple tasks like going from one activity to another or simply doing age-appropriate tasks. Daily tasks like being engaged in school, carrying out chores at home, to practising social skills can be very demanding for a child. Occupational Therapy for kids aims to help children go about their day-to-day activities and tasks as independently as possible. Through OT sessions, children will be able to learn skills related to attention, sensory processing, fine or gross motor skills, handwriting, executive functioning, self-care, and social skills that can be used at home or at school. 

Occupational Therapy can help with the following areas: 

  • Holding Attention
  • Independence
  • Maximise learning opportunities to achieve curriculum expectations 
  • Regulate emotionally and behaviourally 

The initial session will include an assessment and observation for skills that need building upon. 

Here is some signs which might help you identify if your child needs to see an OT: 

  • Failure to reach age-appropriate milestones like social and play skills, sitting, crawling, or walking, etc
  • Difficulties with fine motor skills. Fine motor skills include handwriting, buttoning shirts, brushing teeth, tying shoelaces etc. 
  • Difficulties with gross motor skills. Gross motor skills include standing, sitting, walking,  lifting etc. 
  • Poor social skills 
  • Issues with motor or sensory skills.