Gottman Couples Therapy

The Gottman method is a therapy method that thoroughly assesses the couples’ relationship and integrates research-based interventions. 

The goals of Gottman Therapy include:

  • De-escalating conflicting verbal communication
  • Improving intimacy, respect and affection 
  • Eliminating barriers that create feelings of stagnancy
  • Creating a heightened sense of empathy & understanding within the relationship

The Gottman approach can help with understanding your relationship better,  frequent arguing, emotional distancing and infidelity. The therapy is designed to help people in relationships from all cultures and backgrounds. Research has also shown that this therapy method is effective in same-sex relationships. 

The Gottman therapy method is based on rigorous research and so many of the interventions are specific and skills focused. 

What to expect: 

  • The therapy process will begin with an assessment. The first session with be a couples session and then the subsequent two sessions will be individual sessions with the individual partners. 
  • This assessment will be used to identify areas for improvement in the relationship and thus allow the therapist to draw on interventions that would be most valuable to the couple.

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