Diversity, Equality & Inclusion


Diversity refers to any specific differences between individuals in a group of people or in society. Diversity has a wide scope including age, gender, ethnicity, culture, language, sexuality, socio-economic backgrounds, developmental background and many more. As a practice we aim to ensure all aspects of the clients’ life is identified and considered so as to ensure that their formulation and thus their course of treatment is personalised to their unique backgrounds. 

On a staff level, we aim to celebrate every staff’s unique qualities. Taking steps to learn more about it so that we can in turn become more aware and mindful of the differences around us. 


Equality is the concept that every individual has to be treated fairly and equally. It is very common to have ingrained biases and stereotypes. However, these ideas and opinions can be detrimental when they evolve into prejudice or judgemental thoughts or actions. Thus, it is important to be able to recognise this and correct it. TOC staff (admin and clinicians) are encouraged to constantly confront any biases or stereotypes through their own reflection or during supervision. This ensures that they are able to treat all their clients fairly, creating a safe space for clients during sessions. From simple daily tasks such as equal treatment of clients and colleagues to ensuring we have equal representation and opportunities in all aspects of the running of TOC. 


Inclusion refers to providing individuals from all backgrounds access to all opportunities and resources. On a client level TOC aims to ensure all clients have access to resources and services that will be able to help them in their recovery. Further, all clients will be able to access all services provided by TOC subject to clinician availability and group size limits. In the event, a client is unable to access a service, they will be placed on a wait list or referred to alternative external services that will be able to provide similar services. During group sessions, TOC staff will take active steps to ensure all participants are made to feel welcome and safe such that they are included in the group activities so as to assist with the clients’ recovery. If we had a client who had a physical disability and found it hard to access our offices, we will find ways to accommodate the clients’ needs.

On a clinician level, we aim to ensure all clinicians are provided with equal opportunities for supervision and training.