Child therapy can be useful to help your child work through various issues that they may be facing either at home, school, or throughout their development. Just like adults, children also face behavioural, emotional, social, and psychological difficulties. Hence, the clinicians at TOC are equipped to help your child through various issues they may be facing.

Here are some examples of issues your child might face: 

  • Diagnosed with a developmental disorder, learning difficulties or conduct disorders
  • Difficulties with adjustments/transitions
  • Mental health issues like anxiety, depression etc.
  • Self-esteem
  • School refusal
  • Social Skills

During sessions, clinicians will engage children through games and use play to assess and communicate with them. Methods such as drawing, journaling and, play will be used to teach your child the necessary skills. If the need arises we will also have to work closely with the parents/guardians of the child and the school your child is from. This may also include doing a school observation.

Parental Support

We also offer support for parenting concerns. Parenting can be a difficult balancing act. There will be rewarding moments but also there may be times when things are distressing. For distressing times, you may need help with setting boundaries, navigating incentives and, discipline. Our clinicians will be able to help you understand these nuances in parenting that can help reduce tension in the household and improve relationships.