Career Coaching

What do you see your most fulfilled life to be like?” 

What are the barriers standing in your way of achieving your most fulfilled life?”

These are some questions that you can explore in your sessions with our career coach. 

Many adults spend most of their lives at work. It is an important area, and we want to feel positive about our role and develop our skills and talents. When our careers are going well, we can feel highly motivated, fulfilled and well rewarded. However, when all is not well at work it can impact all areas of a person’s personal life. The struggle can be stress, work relationships, and reduced cry to name a few. Others feel stuck in a rut in their careers, they desire to change but don’t know how to change. It can also be difficult at times to decide how to progress or leave a role. This dissatisfaction can at times stem from a poor work environment or a deeper issue like your work not matching your values. 

Your career coach will help you focus on the present, figure out what your values in life are, envision what you want for the future, and help you set goals to achieve your goals. Career coaching will allow you to take a break from your daily life and focus on planning the steps you need to take to get the life you want. Contact us to get in touch with our career coaches, including Lisa Oake.