Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is a third wave Cognitive behavioural therapy. It encourages people to accept their thoughts and feelings rather than fight or struggle with them. The aim is to develop psychological flexibility by combining mindfulness and self-acceptance. You commit to behaviours that increase psychological flexibility. ACT helps people live in the present in a conscious way.  Making choices in line with their values. It aims to help people accept what is out of their control but at the same time commit to action that will improve the quality of their life. It teaches skills to accept the pain, stress, thoughts, and feelings accompanying and understand what’s truly meaningful. 

Mindfulness skills are taught to help you observe yourself.  It has a growing evidence base for treating depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. The therapist will look at main areas of life, relationships, career, family, and spirituality and help develop a shared understanding of values and how to live in a way consistent with these. There will be things to practice between sessions. The emphasis is on developing resilience to live the life you want rather than being constrained by negative thoughts and feelings.

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