Training Clinic

Mental health awareness has increased over the past couple of years. As more people reach out for support, it is important that they receive ethically sound, good quality therapy support. We at The Other Clinic, want to be sustainable and support the psychological and counselling community in our practice. To this end, we will link with university programmes across the country to offer placements to clinicians in training locally. Trainees will be seeing clients at a lower rate, this offers psychological help to those who might otherwise not be able to access it. 

All trainees will be supervised by experienced clinicians. Trainee cohorts will also have access to group supervision where they will be able to learn about the psychology application. Trainees will be assigned cases depending on your preferences and level of experience. Supervisors for trainees will work closely with the trainees’ respective course centers to ensure they meet their requirements for their placements to carry on with the course. This may include occasional joining of sessions.