The teenage years are a huge time of growth and change. Mental health struggles are not uncommon during these years. This time can be confusing for both teenagers and parents. Teens today have a lot to navigate as they move from childhood to adulthood. Some issues teens face are related to peer pressure, academic pressure, social media navigation, and media messages about how they should look and act. Teens are expected to build their identity and self-esteem and establish social competence and psychological resilience all of which is no easy feat. These are all very challenging things to grapple with. 

TOC is here to help with a range of difficulties:

  • Mood – anxiety, depression
  • Emotional regulation
  • Problems with peer relationships
  • Body image and eating
  • Self-harm and suicidality
  • Motivation, organisation and academic challenges
  • Sexual or gender identity issues
  • Addictions
  • Learning or developmental challenges e.g. ADHD, ASD

Therapy can be talking-based, play-based or expressive arts like art therapy.

Parental Support

For parents, your attempts at care and concern are often experienced as controlling and intruding behaviour. You may need help with setting boundaries, navigating incentives and discipline whilst still maintaining a relationship with your teen. Our clinicians can help both parents and teens with this journey.