Individual (Adult)

Individual therapy is useful for addressing a variety of concerns which are hard to face alone. You may be facing concerns related to general life stresses or recovery from a traumatic event to a specific mental health concern. Don’t wait for symptoms or feelings to become overwhelming, therapy can help you overcome obstacles to your wellbeing, it can increase positive feelings and give you skills to handle difficult situations. Many people also attend therapy for personal growth. Common goals can be to inspire change and improve your quality of life. Our therapies are evidence-based which means they have been researched for clinical effectiveness. 

There is no set number of sessions for a particular issue. The first few sessions will revolve around getting to know you and exploring your issues. During this period, the clinician will explore the nature of your difficulties, the period of time you have been experiencing them, things that you have tried before and didn’t work, and your goals for therapy. On some occasions, we will use questionnaires to help with getting a comprehensive understanding of your issues. 

We understand that this may be your first time trying out therapy or may have tried other approaches so we aim to help you with this process the best we can. Contact us and we can assist with finding you a clinician who has the experience to match what you are seeking help for.

Sessions can be in person and online.